A YardPod for everyone

A YardPod adopts easily to your changing needs and there are plenty of great uses, be it either for an office ,arts studio, guest room, or simply just an extra room in the yard. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a YardPod into your life, some inspirational ideas are listed below. 

Study / Office / Art Studio 
Meditation / Yoga Room

A studio in your garden is a space to work in a quiet setting, away from the noise and distraction of the main house.

Or the perfect space to escape the daily grind for some zen time. Namaste.

Guest / Teenage Room 

An additional bedroom to supplement the existing guest accommodation of your house for friends staying over. 

Or give the teenager a sense of independence, as well as a greater sense of responsibility.

Granny Flat / Rental Unit

A self-contained tiny house for family members to live close to the main house. 

Or as a rental ‘tiny house’, providing an additional source of income to offset some of your mortgage cost. 

Media / Library / Reading Room

A space to dedicate your time to watching movies, reading books. 

Or just place to escape from the daily grind.

Off-Grid Dwelling

A truly independent tiny-house development, with solar PV, composting toilet, water tank, etc. 

For nature lovers on lots without access to council services. 

Storage / Workshop / Shed 

An aesthetic addition to any backyard,  providing a multitude of storage options and alternate uses, such as a laundry or bathroom. 

Development Approval

The architect will guide you on what approvals are required to build a YardPod. Based on your intended use, the local government area and land zoning, there are a number of options. 

No Approval - Exempt Development

The YardPod complies with the requirements of the SEPP Exempt Development Code and can be built as a 'Class 10a Non-Habitable' structure without planning approvals. 

‘Non-habitable Rooms’ are defined spaces of a 'specialised nature occupied neither frequently nor for extended periods.’ e.g. laundry, storage, etc. 

FastTrack - Complying Development

The SEPP Complying Development Code (CDC) allows expedited approval of developments, such as the YardPod, by a private certifier. Based on your location and zoning, the architect will advise you if an approval under CDC is possible and will manage the approval process for you.

Conventional - Council Application

Where exempt or complying development are not possible, a development application with your local council must be lodged. Considering the small footprint and low environmental impact, your council is likely to support an application for a YardPod. The architect will manage this for you.

Project Management

Award winning Kreis Grennan Architecture designed the YardPod as a best practice tiny house and can guide you through the site analysis, planning advice, approvals and project management to completion. 


Through the use of engineered and prefabricated building materials, YardPods can be built and fitted-out within a short time frame.


Pricing is to be advised, but we are expecting a fully installed YardPod to be very affordable.

Please contact us for pricing enquiries.

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